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Training Options


Free Consultation*

For many the first step is the hardest, whether you are new to exercise or have just been 'away' for a while. The initial 30 minute consultation will allow us to discuss your journey, and most importantly ignite that excitement of what is to come.

*Consultations free when any 1-1 personal training session / package is booked. 


One to One

This one is all about you! I will provide a tailored programme and workouts that meet your strengths and weaknesses, and is tailored to your body and your lifestyle goals.

I will provide the motivation and accountability to help you achieve your goals whilst providing the tools to allow exercise to become a habit for a lifetime. 


Train with a friend

Need some friendly competition? Or an excuse to socialise? This option could be for you.

These sessions are similar to the 1-1 sessions and can be tailored to each individuals needs and ability. They allow you to have some 'friendship' time whilst benefiting from my guidance, advice and motivation.  

Group Training

Small group training allows you to still benefit from many of the advantages of 1-1 training whilst adding another layer of motivation and accountability.

Each session can be adapted so each individual is working at their own intensities. 

This is a great cost effective option if you are looking to train with a small group of friends, family or colleagues at a time and location that suits you.


Tailored exercise programs

If you prefer to be left to train on your own but not sure where to focus your time to best achieve your goals this option could be for you. 

The price includes an initial consultation to discuss your goals, current fitness, facilities and training schedule. I will use this to design an 8 week easy to follow program tailored to you. It will allow you to see your progression each week as you work towards the goals we set together. After 8 weeks there is the option to have a follow up review and adjust the program for continues progression


To get the best results I am a strong believer whichever option you chose has to fit in with your lifestyle but also that the 'relationship' has to work both ways. Please get in touch to arrange a free call / consultation session to discuss your goals and options further and most importantly ensure we are 'right' for each other.

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