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I am a qualified Personal Trainer, with a 1st Class Honours Sports and Exercise Science degree and  a passion to help everyone achieve their health and fitness goals.

Sport and exercise has always played a big part of my life either participating or coaching others, but I first realised what a positive impact it could make, when I (rather stupidly) agreed to train my sister for the London Marathon. As someone that would barely run 100 metres to the corner shop, she would be the first to admit this seemed a daunting task (to her anyway). It wasn't plain sailing but together we enjoyed the journey and looked forward to our early weekend alarms (well I did) as I knew it meant she was about to achieve another milestone in her journey.   

She smashed through the 26.2 miles in just over 5 hours and it was at this point I knew I wanted to share my knowledge and help others achieve their goals.

Working as a qualified accountant for the last 10 years, I  have experienced first hand the disruptions and challenges that life and work can throw at you. I understand it is not easy to hit that daily step count, or practical to meal prep every day. However I also appreciate the many physical and mental benefits of being active after sitting at a desk all day!Although I have always had an interest in sport and exercise it hasn't always been easy. There have been several bumps in the road and I have had to reset and start over, feeling self conscious, unfit and uncomfortable in my body. However I now look back and see this as a huge positive and use it to relate to clients' challenges - if I can do it we all can!

As a personal trainer, I look to provide the tools to help you see exercise as a way of life, that will be by your side for ever. I will work with you to tailor programs that suit your lifestyle and commitments, ensuring exercise becomes a habit not a chore and you enjoy it every step of the way.

I will also help you consider your meal plans and dietary habits to support your weight goals and provide the support and assistance on those challenging days. 

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