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Move Moore, Do Moore, Be Moore


Abi Moore

Your Mobile Personal Trainer

Short of time, intimidated by the gym or in need of some accountability you have come to the right place.  My passion is to engage and assist people in overcoming their own personal hurdles to living a healthier and more active life.

Becoming a better version of you

Ever heard yourself say "I tried but, it was too hard, I am too busy, I just couldn't stick to, its not in my genes" well you are not alone. Throughout my life I have met so many people that have a negative perception of exercise, and I have made it my mission to prove them wrong. 


I understand that the gym and 'fitness' industry can be an intimidating environment, and there is no 'one fit for all' approach. Everyone has a busy schedule with differing commitments that can make it hard to find time to meet your fitness goals or spend hours in the gym, but I am a firm believer that no matter what your circumstances, with a few small changes, the right mindset and some guidance you can develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 

✓ Increased confidence

✓ More energy

✓ Mentally strong

✓Able to try new activities without having to worry about your fitness

✓Keep up with the kids / grandchildren

With my mobile personal training sessions you can enjoy these in the comfort of your own home along with regular check-ins, nutritional advice, personalised goal setting and weekly measurements.


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1-2-1 training sessions at a location convenient and comfortable to you.

  • Individually tailored work outs

  • Accountability

  • Weekly progress photos and measurements

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Regular assessments

  • Lifestyle habits

  • Goal setting

  • Free App to track progress


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All the benefits of 1-2-1 training but with the added fun and accountability of training with a friend / partner.


  • Additional support

  • Sessions can still be tailored towards individual needs 
  • Friendly competition
  • Spread the cost
  • Nutritional guidance

  • Regular assessments

  • Lifestyle habits

  • Goal setting

  • Free App to track progress

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Grab your friends and train together in a friendly, supportive and fun (yes it can be fun!) environment

  • Additional motivation

  • Group support
  • Tailored to each individuals ability
  • Change your lifestyle habits together
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Weekly check ins and progress evaluations
  • Reduced cost
  • Free App to track progress
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Ideal if you enjoy the freedom of working out on your own, or in a gym but are missing the structure of a good programme.  

  • Tailored to meet your goals

  • Easy to follow

  • New exercises explained to ensure they are safely completed 

  • Progressive overload

  • Regular catch ups

  • Flexible

  • Nutritional guidance available


For some the gym can be an intimidating place, or perhaps you spend all day in the office and would rather exercise outside, for others time and childcare is the main barrier for making it to the gym. As a mobile personal trainer I take away these problems by coming to a location convenient for you. 

Lela B, 2022

"Inspiring, motivational and passionate yet realistic, patient & supportive"

Ben P, 2023

"What impressed me most about working with Abi was how much time she spent helping me create realistic fitness goals. This created a framework that helped me see results quickly and keep me motivated to continue past January 3rd!


Her varied exercise plan has kept me engaged throughout, and whenever I have struggled with any of the exercises she has always been on hand to talk me through them or vary the plan to suit. 


Couldn't be happier with Abi or my results!"

Charlotte, 2019

"Committed so much time, thought and passion into my training journey."
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